B2B Engineering

At SimRep Engineering we also provide a B2B Engineering service. Whether it’s a one-off product, or it needs to be mass produced. We can guide your concept idea in to a working prototype and beyond. We have more than 15 years of experience in motorsport engineering and have an extensive network of reliable partners to get the job done. Our work method is Agile and Lean. Our rapid prototyping process is set up for low cost and high efficiency.

We offer electrical and mechanical engineering for various motorsport and sim racing products. We have helped other businesses to develop products like wheel hubs, steering wheel PCBs for motorsport use and CNC milled parts. All products are designed according to modern day production standards and compliance rules.

We build 90% of our prototypes in-house. Our workshop has CNC machining equipment and industrial grade 3D printers that are capable of printing sizes up to 300x400x400mm.

We like to keep an open communication with our clients about their needs. Our prices are transparent and projects can be done in different phases. We are always willing to sign an NDA if asked. Interested to know how we can boost you product portfolio? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

P9XX Steeringwheel proto-stage