OBD Module

With our new SIM-OBD module, any real car can be transformed to a race car. Yes, every REAL car! 

Plug the module in to your OBD port and have a blast. Every sim module that is supported by SimHub can be used. Like our steering wheel for example. Also, dashboards, button boxes and LED indicators can be connected. How cool would it be to have an actual RPM strip on your steering wheel. 

P9XX Steering wheel mountedP9XX Mounted by day

The connection to the car is made by the OBD module. Specific settings can be made by connecting your smartphone to the module over Bluetooth. This way you can easily link buttons to specific options on your car, like; the horn, music controls, cruise control, sport mode, esp on/off, etc.

The module will be available this April. And we take pre-subscriptions! 
If you pre-order the P9XX steering wheel, the OBD module will be added to your order, FREE of charge!

The P9XX cable can be pluged in directly to the OBD module, other module can be conencted using the GX16 to USB cable.

 OBD module 1OBD module 2

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Pre-subscribe for the OBD module for just 49,- euro inc. VAT


  • Full OBD port support (Dual Canbus)
  • Compactible for all cars >2001
  • Output voltage: 5V
  • Output current: 2.5A
  • Output protocol: USB2.0 
  • Connection type: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Compactible with: Android and IOS
  • Dimensions: 46x83x26mm

Packaging content

  • SIM-OBD module
  • GX16 to usb female cable
  • Optional: OBD cable extender