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Aluminium Hub Extension 51mm

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Universal Wheel Adapter 70mm

Introducing the Universal Wheel Adapter 70mm, a versatile solution to enhance your racing experience. This adapter is designed to provide compatibility with various wheel models, offering flexibility and convenience for your racing setup.


  • Material: Billet 6061-T6 Aluminium
  • Color: Anodized Black
  • Diameter: 83mm
  • Height: 51mm
  • Side A: 6 Holes Without Thread
  • Side B: 6x M5 Holes with a 70mm Bolt Pattern and 6x M5 Holes with a 74mm Bolt Pattern

Packaging Content 

  • Aluminium Extension Hub 51mm

The Universal Wheel Adapter 70mm is crafted from high-quality billet 6061-T6 aluminium, ensuring durability and stability during intense racing sessions. Its anodized black finish adds a sleek and professional look to your setup.

With a diameter of 83mm and a height of 51mm, this adapter provides ample space for attaching different wheel types. Side A features 6 holes without threads, while Side B offers 6 M5 holes with a 70mm bolt pattern and an additional 6 M5 holes with a 74mm bolt pattern. This versatility allows you to adapt the adapter to your specific wheel requirements.

Upgrade your racing setup with the Universal Wheel Adapter 70mm and enjoy enhanced compatibility and flexibility. With its high-quality construction and easy installation process, this adapter is a must-have accessory for passionate racing enthusiasts. Unleash your potential on the track and elevate your racing experience to new heights.