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MEC/APEM 6.5N pushbutton + cap

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MEC/APEM 5GTH935 push button with cap

When it comes to high-quality push buttons, the APEM 5G series stands out as one of the best options available. These momentary switches are built to last, with an impressive durability of over 10 million presses. With an actuation force of 6.5 N, these switches provide excellent tactile feedback, making them perfect for racing applications, even when wearing gloves.

The APEM 5G series switches come with a compatible APEM button cap that can be easily attached to the switch. You have the choice between two cap options: black and frosted white. The black cap is non-see-through, providing a solid appearance, while the frosted white cap allows light to pass through, offering the possibility of illuminating the cap for a unique visual effect. At the moment we only provide the frosted white. 


  • High durability: Over 10 million presses
  • Actuation force: 6.5 N for responsive feel
  • Ideal for racing: Suitable for glove use
  • APEM button cap: Enhances appearance and functionality
  • Cap option: frosted white
  • Through-hole design: Easy installation and soldering

Packaging Content 

  • 1x (or chosen quantity) 6.5 N MEC/APEM switch - 5GTH965 Through hole
  • 1x (or chosen quantity) 15mm Cap 1GCS Frosted


  • 2x Sticker sheet (12mm)

Experience the exceptional quality and reliability of the APEM 5G series switches in your project. Whether you're building a racing simulator or any other application that requires reliable and precise push buttons, these switches will deliver outstanding performance and longevity. Choose the cap style that suits your design preferences, and enjoy the superior functionality and tactile response provided by the APEM 5G series switches.