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Coiled USB 2.0 Cable

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Introducing the Coil USB A 2.0 Cable, the perfect choice for your sim projects when you need a reliable and durable cable. SimRep Engineering brings you a high-quality coil cable that is built to last, offering maximum strength and flexibility.

This cable allows for Full Flexibility since you can solder a connector of your choosing.


    • Brand: SimRep Engineering
    • Color: Black
    • Material: PUR cable (Polyurethane), ensuring exceptional durability and flexibility.
    • Wire: 28AWG 1P+24AWG2C cable, providing reliable data transfer and power delivery.
    • Molded USB A 2.0 Connector: The connector is injection molded for superior durability, ensuring a secure and reliable connection.
    • Extended Length: This coil cable has a retracted length of approximately 95cm (3.1 ft.) and extends up to 2 meters (6.5 ft.), offering flexibility and convenience in your setup.
    • Easy Identification: The cable follows the USB standard color coding, making it easy to identify the connections. Red for +5V, Black for negative, Green for data+, and White for data-.
    • USB2.0 Full Speed Support: This cable supports USB2.0 Full Speed, ensuring a reliable data transfer rate of 12Mbps

    Packaging Content

    • 1x Coil CableUSB A 2.0 to open end.

    Order now and elevate your sim experience with the reliability and durability that SimRep Engineering provides. Unleash the full potential of your sim projects today!

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