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DDUXX1 Sim Dashboard

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DDUXX1 Sim Dashboard 

DDUXX1 Sim Dashboard

Looking for a top-notch sim dashboard to enhance your simulation experience? Look no further! Introducing the SimRep Engineering DDUXX1 Sim Dashboard, featuring an impressive 8.8-inch screen that seamlessly integrates with your sim setup. Installation is a breeze, and you have the flexibility to personalize your dashboard to suit your preferences.

The DDUXX1 is powered via a convenient micro USB connector, while the display connects through an HDMI port. Rest assured, all necessary cables come included with the display. The display itself boasts a real glass surface, meticulously printed to ensure the deepest blacks without any dark spots.

For added convenience, consider the universal mounting bracket, designed to accommodate most sim rigs. This bracket securely attaches to the back of the dashboard using two M4 bolts. The bracket has a perfect fit for Fanatec and Simucube. 

Small 90 degree adapters can be used to mount the cables at an angle, so they come out on the back of the screen. This allows you to mount it perfectly to your sim. You can find the adapter here 


  • Aluminum enclosure
  • Real front glass, scratch proof
  • 8.8 inch 1920x480 display
  • Carbon mounting brackets
  • Easy to connect
  • Works with SimHub and similar software

Packaging content

  • DDUXX1 Sim Dashboard
  • Micro fiber cloth
  • Micro USB to USB-A cable
  • Mini HDMI to HDMI cable
  • Mounting bracket 
  • Awesome product box

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Brilliant product, very well made and very happy, however the cables supplied are only any good if your pc is directly underneath the steering hub, to short.


Finally received it, after I preordered one about a month ago.
I am in love, this adds so much to my rig, beautiful looks and super handy in the race.

Need to figure out how I can make adjustments in simhub to the dashboard, but it doesn't seem to be that difficult.

Would recommend!!!

Saw this at the ADAC fair

Saw the screen at the ADAC fair and had to have it.
It looks amazing, can't wait to get mine in the mail!