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Grayhill Rotary module

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Introducing the Grayhill Rotary Module, the perfect solution when limited space is a concern, and you need an easy-to-use, reliable rotary switch with precise feedback. SimRep Engineering is proud to offer this exceptional module, designed to elevate your projects to new heights. The rotary allows for continuous rotation, with the stop pins that is supplied you are able to set a starting/ ending point for the rotary, to allow only a single rotation.


  • Brand: Grayhill
  • Model: 56DP30-01-1-AJN (non-shorting)
  • Model: 56DP30-01-1-AJS (shorting)
  • Non-shorting between contacts or shorting
  • Compatible with Arduino, STM, and other microcontrollers, ensuring seamless integration into your existing setups.
  • Easy to use: Simplify your project development with the user-friendly Grayhill rotary module.
  • One-wire Connection: With the module's efficient design, only one wire is needed for operation, saving you valuable space and reducing wiring complexity.
  • 12 Position Rotary Switch: Enjoy the versatility of the 12-position switch, allowing you to select and control various functions precisely.
  • Smooth Rotation: The module supports extreme smooth rotation, with hard click.

Packaging Content

  • 1x Grayhill Rotary
  • 1x stop pins with seal
  • 1x Nut and Washer: Securely fasten the rotary
  • 1x Grayhill PCB Module (to solder yourself)
  • 1x 1.25mm 3-pin Female Molex Connector


  • 1x Rotary Adapter: Enhance compatibility by selecting the optional rotary adapter, designed to fit a 3.16mm shaft to 3.35mm shaft, making it compatible with (our) custom knobs. At random metal or high quality plastic adapter will be sent

Experience precise control and reliable feedback with the Grayhill Rotary Module. Add this module to your cart now and take advantage of its compact size, easy usability, and superior performance.

Upgrade your projects with the confidence and reliability that Grayhill and SimRep Engineering provide. Order today and unlock the true potential of your DIY endeavors!


Customer Reviews

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Best rotary out there

These are probably the best rotaries out there.
Extremely nice precision click even with gloves on, it's absolutely perfect.

The PCB is also really handy when using these rotaries on your Arduino.