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Micro USB B Male to XH2.54 4P cable

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Introducing our custom-designed Micro USB B cable, perfect for those tight spaces in your Arduino assemblies and VoCore screens. This cable is specifically engineered to fit in compact projects while ensuring optimal performance. With the inclusion of an XH2.54 female connector, it offers enhanced connectivity options for your convenience.


  • Brand: SimRep Engineering
  • Compatibility: The Micro USB B cable is designed to seamlessly connect with Micro USB B ports found in various devices, making it an ideal choice for Arduino assemblies and VoCore screens.
  • Custom Design: Our cable is thoughtfully designed to fit in tight spaces, ensuring easy installation and a secure connection.
  • XH2.54 Female Connector: The inclusion of an XH2.54 female connector expands the range of devices and projects you can connect with, providing added versatility.
  • High-Quality Construction: Our cables are machine-made, guaranteeing maximum quality and durability. The 24AWG4C cable ensures reliable power and data transmission.
  • Flexibility Options: The rubber shielding of the cable can be removed when extra flexibility is required, allowing you to adapt it to your specific needs

Connecting is simple:

  • Red is 5V
  • Black is Ground (0V)
  • Green is Data+
  • White is Data-

    Technical Data

    • Brand: SimRep Engineering
    • Color: Black
    • Wire: 24AWG4C cable
    • Micro USB B to XH2.54 4-pin cable
    • Length: Approximately 12.5cm (4.9 inches)

    Packaging Content

    • 1x Micro USB B Male to 4P XH2.54 cable

    Upgrade your project's connectivity with our custom Micro USB B cable. Designed for tight spaces, it offers reliable performance and easy installation. The inclusion of the XH2.54 female connector and the option to remove the rubber shielding provide added versatility.

    Experience the convenience and quality of SimRep Engineering's Micro USB B cable. Order now and enjoy a seamless connection in your compact projects.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    What I needed

    Exactly what I needed to finish my project.
    Great cable, connects nicely to my PCB.


    Exactly what I was looking for.
    Saves me a lot of time by not needing to shrink my own connector.
    This one is solid and works really well.

    Handy small patch cable

    Handy small patch cable.
    I used this cable to connect to my vocore Screen. Really handy and works really well