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P9XX Sim Racing Wheel

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P9XX The Art Of Design

After over 2 years of designing and relentless quality improvements, we proudly present the P9XX Sim Racing Wheel. Designed by simracers for simracers, the P9XX has refined details, that will leave you astounded. Prepare yourself, because once you experience the thrill of racing with our wheel, you won't want to settle for anything less.

Next to its unique design, we’ve incorporated technical innovations that make the P9XX one of its kind. To sum a few up, 10 years of parts support that raises the product lifetime value. Freedom to mount a wheel hub from the inside, such as the Fanatec Podium Hub. The P9XX is easily disassembled, to be able to access the hub bolts from the inside. The clutch can be assigned as a throttle and brake for if you are not able to use pedals. The P9XX will also receive future upgrades, such as a joystick upgrade that can be installed at home.

10 years of spare parts

One of our biggest frustrations with consumer electronics, is that they always tend to break down just after the warranty has expired. We wanted to solve this issue. We use electronic components from top tier brands, such as Apem and Elma, that have proven their worth in motorsports. The P9XX electronics are also built modular, that means easy part replacement and a higher product lifetime value. For example, a push button fails, or the grips wear down due to extensive usage over years. A new button module or grips can be ordered for a fraction of the cost of a new wheel. And the best thing is, that it can be replaced at home! This will not only save you money and time, but it also saves valuable resources and carbon emissions. We support a sustainable earth for our future sim racer generations! Spare parts will be supported for 10 years. 

Shifter And Clutch Module

When we started designing our pedal module, we realized that every sim racer is unique. Some like a clutch on top, some on the bottom. That’s why we designed a paddle module that can be flipped from left to right, placing the clutch at the bottom of the wheel. The clutch and shifter are also individually adjustable. The connectors can be easily accessed from the back.

In addition, we've incorporated on-wheel calibration quick settings. You can configure one clutch to engage at a settable bite point, while the other clutch operates throughout the full range. This can be tuned by turning the side rotary knobs. The clutch can also be assigned as an analog input, to replace the gas and brake pedal. Once you've personalized your settings, simply press the save button, and your profile will be automatically loaded every time you start your P9XX Wheel.

We are a firm supporter of DIY Sim Race community. You will have the freedom to create and connect your own shifter/clutch module. The small cover, located at the back, grants you access to the shifter/clutch connector. You can use this connection to install your own (custom) shifters and clutch.

The pricing of the options are including tax (NL), so the final price can variate a bit on your location.


  • 310mm Wheel Diameter
  • 6061 Billet CNC Milled Enclosure Anodized Black
  • 5mm Carbon Steering Plate With PU Over Molded Grips
  • 2mm Silk Screen Printed Front Glass
  • 5 inch TFT Screen 480x800 Pixels
  • STM32 and ATmega Chipset
  • 12 Apem 6.5N Push Buttons With Frosted White Caps
  • 4 Elma E18 16 Dent Side Encoders With Aluminum Knobs
  • 4 Alpha 12 Dent Continuous Front Rotary Switches With Aluminum Knobs. (one input can be toggled to be used in combination with a confirm button on the wheel)
  • 88 RGB Individual Programmable LED’s (buttons and rotary backlight)
  • 16 programmable LED's (RPM and status leds)
  • 1,8Kg including the shifters
  • The hub is only 100 grams

Compatible with

  • PC or MAC
  • SimHub Or Similar Software
  • Fanatec (with Podium Hub or SRM emulator) 
  • Assetek (with Assetek quick release)
  • Simucube (with Simucube quick release)
  • Simagic (with Simagic quick release)
  • MOZA (with Moza quick release)
  • Thrustmaster (with 70mm adapter)
  • Any other base with 70mm mounting

Fanatec Podium Wheel Hub (Or other wheel hub that requires inside connection) - order the bolt kit here. When you place your order with the Fanatec or Assetek quick release preinstalled, the bolds are already included.

Packaging Content

  • P9XX In Selected Carbon Configuration
  • Powered USB2.0 Hub With M8 T-Slot Nuts
  • Power Adapter (EU, UK, US or AU Grounded Socket Plug)
  • Coil Cable (connects wheel to USB hub)
  • Sticker Sheet 2x
  • Toolkit (Rotary nut wrench, hex socket wrench metric 1.5mm, 2mm, 2,5mm 3mm, 4mm)
  • Microfiber Glass Cloth
  • Quick Start Guide (Full Manual Online)
  • (Optional) Paddle Module
  • (Optional) Standard 50mm Wheel Hub
  • (Optional) Fanatec Bolt Kit - here



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Rene Grob
    Best wheel ever!

    Undoubtedly, the latest simulation steering wheel has revolutionized my racing experience. The craftsmanship is second to none, and the integrated display is nothing short of brilliant. It has elevated the thrill of the game to new heights. Initially, the grips felt slightly narrow for larger hands, but this becomes a non-issue within minutes of driving, even in endurance races. I've heard there's work being done on broader grips – a welcome update! This product is a definitive "must-buy" for enthusiasts, with no regrets post-purchase.

    Chris Collard
    Awazing wheel

    Amazing wheel, absolutely love the look of it.
    Works straight out of the box with simhub.

    Packaging was great and secure. Only know I need to dicede if I like the clutch on to or button :)
    Also looking forward to the dduxx screen.

    Julien Ventel
    Awsome wheel

    This was exactly what I needed.
    This wheel offers so much, all buttons are configurable, including the backlighting.
    The finish is much better than what I have seen with other wheels.

    My only downside is that the handles feel just too small at the bottom. However, simrep told me they will soon come with an upgrade, so you can choose and that I am also able to swap mine for larger ones! Superb

    Great communication and services, would absolutely recommend