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RGB Push-Button Module

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    Ever run out of pins on your project?

    Introducing the RGB Button Module, a versatile solution that saves you valuable pins on your Arduino while providing stunning RGB backlighting. Simplify your projects with this module, designed to enhance your sim equipment and DIY builds.


    • Compatibility: The module is compatible with Arduino, STM, and other microcontrollers, ensuring seamless integration into your existing setups.
    • One-Wire Connection: Connect this module to your Arduino using just one wire, making wiring a breeze. Expand your setup by connecting multiple modules together, similar to stringing Christmas lights, all using a single digital output for all the LEDs.
    • High-Quality APEM Switch: The 2-pin connector on the side of the module is designed to connect to a high-quality APEM 6.5N switch. With its pressure resistance and tactile feedback, these buttons are ideal for racing applications, even when wearing gloves. You'll feel the button press with every touch.
    • Easy to Use: The module comes pre-soldered, with connectors separate, giving you the flexibility to choose whether to use them or solder wires directly for space-saving purposes. The board features jumpers (JP1 and JP2) for easy configuration, including a pull-up switch option already integrated on the board.
    • Compact Size and Easy Mounting: The module is designed with M2 size holes for easy and secure mounting in your projects.

    Packaging Content 

    • 1x Pre-soldered RGB Button Module: Enjoy the convenience of a pre-assembled module with RGB backlighting.
    • 1x Frosted Button Cap (15mm): Enhance the aesthetics and tactile experience with the included frosted button cap.


    Included per set, so when you order 2 button modules, so get everything times two,

    • 1x 2.54mm 2-pin Male Molex Connector (to solder yourself)
    • 1x 2.54mm 2-pin Female Molex Cable (15cm wire
    • 2x 2.54mm 3-pin Male Molex Connector (to solder yourself)
    • 1x 2.54mm 3-pin Female Molex Cable (10cm wire)
    • 1x 2.54mm 3-pin Female-to-Female Molex Cable (10cm wire)

    Upgrade your sim equipment and DIY projects with the RGB Button Module. Experience the convenience of easy wiring, impressive RGB backlighting, and high-quality APEM switches. Take your projects to the next level and unlock endless possibilities.

    Order now and enjoy the benefits of this module. Simplify your building process and bring your sim equipment to the next level!


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Easy to use

    This module's compatibility with Arduino makes it really easy to use

    Really happy

    These are fantastic! I installed six of them in my custom steering wheel, and they now provide an extra output when I'm driving.

    Using it with Simhub

    Hooking it up was really easy with the included cables. Software is compactible with simhub

    my buttonbox now stands out!

    I used these for my buttonbox, and I have to say that I am really happy with the results. The buttons illuminate nicely and by using simhub I can add effects to the buttons