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RGB Push-Button Module

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    Ever run out of pins on your project?

    Introducing the RGB Button Module, a versatile solution that saves you valuable pins on your Arduino while providing stunning RGB backlighting. Simplify your projects with this module, designed to enhance your sim equipment and DIY builds.


    • Compatibility: The module is compatible with Arduino, STM, and other microcontrollers, ensuring seamless integration into your existing setups.
    • One-Wire Connection: Connect this module to your Arduino using just one wire, making wiring a breeze. Expand your setup by connecting multiple modules together, similar to stringing Christmas lights, all using a single digital output for all the LEDs.
    • High-Quality APEM Switch: The 2-pin connector on the side of the module is designed to connect to a high-quality APEM 6.5N switch. With its pressure resistance and tactile feedback, these buttons are ideal for racing applications, even when wearing gloves. You'll feel the button press with every touch.
    • Easy to Use: The module comes pre-soldered, with connectors separate, giving you the flexibility to choose whether to use them or solder wires directly for space-saving purposes. The board features jumpers (JP1 and JP2) for easy configuration, including a pull-up switch option already integrated on the board.
    • Compact Size and Easy Mounting: The module is designed with M2 size holes for easy and secure mounting in your projects.

    Packaging Content 

    • 1x Pre-soldered RGB Button Module: Enjoy the convenience of a pre-assembled module with RGB backlighting.
    • 1x Frosted Button Cap (15mm): Enhance the aesthetics and tactile experience with the included frosted button cap.


    • 1x 2.54mm 2-pin Male Molex Connector (to solder yourself): Customize your connectivity options with the optional male Molex connector.
    • 1x 2.54mm 2-pin Female Molex Cable (15cm wire): Simplify the wiring process with the optional female Molex cable.
    • 2x 2.54mm 3-pin Male Molex Connector (to solder yourself): Expand your setup with the optional male Molex connectors.
    • 1x 2.54mm 3-pin Female Molex Cable (10cm wire): Connect your components effortlessly with the optional female Molex cable.
    • 1x 2.54mm 3-pin Female-to-Female Molex Cable (10cm wire): Enhance flexibility in your wiring setup with the optional female-to-female Molex cable.

    Upgrade your sim equipment and DIY projects with the RGB Button Module. Experience the convenience of easy wiring, impressive RGB backlighting, and high-quality APEM switches. Take your projects to the next level and unlock endless possibilities.

    Order now and enjoy the benefits of this feature-packed module. Simplify your building process and bring your sim equipment to life!


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