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Thrustmaster® Open Wheel Display

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Missing Data While Driving Your Thrustmaster® Open Wheel?

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As soon as you had a taste of racing with the add-on display you don’t want to go without. The display easily connects to SimHub, where you can use the default profiles supplied with the display your customize your own! The brightness of the LEDs can be tuned up or down, all while powered from a single USB A cable.

Our add-on display does not only feature a rpm and speed indicator. The led "eyebrows" can be set to any specific need and coloring. By default, mode it will display cars left and right, all frags (yellow, red, etc.) Tc and ABS.

The Display Is Easy To Mount, All The Mounting Equipment Needed Is Included. The manual is available for download at the bottom of the product page. The displays are build to order, on avarage, the displays will be send within two days after ordering.


  • 26 RGB LEDs for vibrant and customizable lighting effects
  • Matrix 3-digit display for RPM, speed, and other information
  • MJF Nylon PA12 body for durability and lightweight construction
  • 4mm coil cable with a length of 40cm (retracted) and extends up to 170cm
  • Compatible with Thrustmaster® Open Wheel
  • Works with PC or Mac
  • SimHub integration for customization of display profiles
  • Easy mounting with included hardware (4x M3 hex nuts, 1x hex socket wrench)
  • Comes with a plexiglass screen for protection

Packaging Content

  • SRE Open Wheel Add-On Display With USB 2.0
  • Plexiglas Screen
  • 4x M3 Hex Nuts
  • 1x Hex Socket Wrench
  • Steering Wheel not included

Enhance your racing experience with the SRE Open Wheel Add-On Display, featuring customizable LEDs, clear digital display, and easy integration with SimHub.


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